AG Herring says Governor-elect Youngkin can’t pull out of carbon-reduction initiative

Laws were passed by the General Assembly in 2020

Just days before his term is up, AG Mark Herring is issuing an opinion about plans from Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin.

ROANOKE, Va. – Just days before his term is up, Virginia’s Attorney General is issuing an opinion about plans from Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin.

Mark Herring said Youngkin cannot remove Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Youngkin announced plans to do so once he takes office later this month; however, Herring said Youngkin legally cannot use executive power to remove laws passed by the General Assembly.

“So when the General Assembly takes action like that and passes legislation, it’s really the executive branch that carries out those and make sure that they are taking effect and the laws that are suddenly passed are carried out,” Herring said.

Youngkin has stated that taking Virginia out of the agreement could save money for residents.

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