Plow companies across the Roanoke Valley see major boost in business during winter storm

Southern Sun Landscaping will be working around the clock

These companies are working around the clock to keep the roads safe.

ROANOKE, Va. – The Roanoke Valley is getting slammed with winter weather this weekend, which means companies like Southern Sun Landscaping will be working around the clock.

“We’ll just be out plowing the snow, clearing the walkways, shoveling and putting down rocks on ice mount just to keep those areas free and safe for the people that are out on the roads and trying to get to the stores and stuff like that,” said Southern Sun Landscaping President Andrew Grider.

While the snow and wintery mix cause their own challenges, the company is one of many also dealing with a staffing shortage at the busiest time of year.

“Every single operator knows that you’re usually working past that 12-hour limit—sometimes up to 24 more hours— so you know they just get good over time. I try to take care of the guys and make sure that they stay warm and get some good food and hot drinks while we’re out here,” Grider said.

Despite that, Andrew Grider said his workers will try to help as many people as they can.

“This past week, we’ve been out with probably 30,40,50 phone calls, and unfortunately, at some point, I just had to start turning people away because we already have a full list and I do try to work people in during a storm, but a lot of times, you’re not already on our list. You’re gonna have to wait till the end till we can get to you,” Grider said.

Over the next 36 hours or so there are going to be dozens of plows just like this one out on the road making sure the roads are clear, and if you have to be out, authorities are asking you to be cautious of plows on the road to make sure everyone stays safe.

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