Virginia Tech students bring the heat with fists full of snow

Hundreds of students stormed the drill field for the annual snowball fight

Virginia Tech's drill field turned into a battle field after the annual snowball fight.

BLACKSBURG, Va. – With inches of snow on the ground, Virginia Tech students did not let it go to waste.

Normally, Virginia Tech’s drill field is the go-to spot to relax with some friends, but on Monday, it was the stage for an annual snowball fight.

Jacob Dullack, a freshman, is joining the fight for the first time this year and said unity is the best tactic.

“Everybody is here to contribute,” he said. “Everyone is here with one common goal. Everyone wants to win. No one wants to lose to a cadet. We are ready to go. Ready to win.”

While some ran through the snow, others climbed up trees.

Caitlin Reagan, a sophomore, said she learned last year that in this battle anything can be a weapon.

“Last year I got a recycling bin full of snow dumped on me last year,” she said. “So, hence why we have the t-shirt.”

Dullack soaked a wet t-shirt overnight thinking it would offer some protection, but the strong winds blew it away instantly.

While some students dressed head to toe in winter gear, others dressed like Vikings or as a chicken.

Chris Donaldson, a freshman, said the costumes are the best part.

“I love seeing all the different costumes everybody comes out with it, everybody is unique,” he said. “We’re all a team. We’re all Hokie and it’s really cool to see.”

Once the adrenaline subsides, the students will return to class on Tuesday.

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