Everyone safe after a student brought a gun to William Fleming High School

We’re waiting to hear if any charges have been filed

William Fleming High School in Roanoke, Virginia

ROANOKE, Va. – Everyone at William Fleming High School is safe after a student brought a gun to school on Tuesday, according to the school division.

The entire school was placed on a hold and secure for about 50 minutes during the afternoon once school leaders learned about the gun.

Contrary to what some were saying, the school division clarified that what happened Tuesday was never an active shooter situation.

Here’s how Roanoke City Public Schools defines a hold and secure:

This response protocol is used to prevent unauthorized entry if a threat is near the school campus i.e., a robbery in proximity to the school.  The school is secured from outside entry.  All outside activities are canceled, students are brought inside the building, all exterior doors are secured while staff and students are free to move about inside their building.  Security personnel monitor the main door to ensure that only individuals with legitimate school business enter.  The principal may decide to restrict activities in the building depending on the circumstances.

The firearm was quickly found and confiscated, according to the school division.

During dismissal on Tuesday, there will be an increased police presence.

10 News is waiting to hear back from Roanoke police about any charges being filed in connection with this incident.