University of Lynchburg students organize prayer vigil to show support for Ukraine

‘You are impacting people positively by showing your support,’ said the university’s president

LYNCHBURG, Va. – People across the world, including Southwest and Central Virginia, are showing support for Ukraine since Russia invaded the country.

Wednesday night, students at the University of Lynchburg hosted a prayer vigil for Ukrainians.

Dozens of students and faculty members were in attendance to show their support for Ukraine. President of the Student Government Association, Matthew Gillett came up with the idea to host the prayer vigil.

“How can we come together and honor our students but also pray for peace and help students process what’s going on across the Atlantic,” he said.

During the vigil, people prayed for peace in Ukraine. 12 prayers from different religions were read, as well as a moment of silence.

“Our student body is very interreligious. We have Christians, we have Jewish students. So when we do events like this we want to make sure everyone is included and not only that but make sure we fairly represent all religious groups,” said university chaplain, Rev. Nathan Albert.

University president, Alison Morrison-Shetlar spoke at the vigil and praised students who were there for taking a stand.

“You are impacting people positively by showing your support in whatever way you want. So thank you for being here this evening,” said President Morrison-Shetlar.

Organizers hope this event will bring students a sense of unity and peace during a difficult time.

“I hope they took away an understanding of peace and understanding of a part they can play. Even if that is as simple as meditation and reflection and how they can better understand what is going on overseas without being consumed by it,” said Gillett.

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