Filing your tax at the last minute? Here are a few things you need to know

The deadline is Monday, April 18

You may have an extension to get your taxes done, but time is ticking!

LYNCHBURG, Va. – You may have an extension for this year’s Tax Day, but the clock’s still ticking for you to file.

The deadline is Monday, April 18.

Dr. Gerald Prante, an economics professor at the University of Lynchburg, says if you’re not ready, then you need to file a six-month extension and try to pay as much as you can now.

He recommends filing as quickly as possible, even if that means doing it yourself.

“It really depends on how complicated your return is. If you only have wage income, I would just do it yourself. If you’re low income, I would actually go to a special low-income prepared place, where they will help you. The IRS has these workshops that do this,” said Prante.

He says there are also deadlines for contributions to IRAs and HSAs.

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