Danville casino opening delayed until 2024 due to supply chain issues and ‘other market forces’

Caesars Entertainment spokesperson says the goal of opening in 2023 is now unrealistic

The opening of the Caesars casino in Danville is delayed.

DANVILLE, Va. – The opening of a new Danville casino has been delayed until 2024 due to supply chain issues and “other market woes,” a Caesars Entertainment spokesperson announced during a city council meeting on Tuesday.

Officials originally anticipated that construction at the Caesars casino would be complete by 2023; however, Caesars Entertainment spokesperson Robert Livingston says that goal is now unrealistic as they face supply chain issues, labor shortages and increased costs.

He further explained that the general marketwide issues have not only been an issue for Caesars, but for construction projects nationwide.

Regardless, “none of this has altered our commitment to Danville, which remains as strong as ever,” Livingston said.

Council member Sherman Saunders told 10 News Wednesday that Danville city leaders knew there may be setbacks. While they would like it to be on schedule, it’s understandable.

“These things do happen. So, no, I’m not disappointed,” said Sherman.

Livingston also made note of the site-specific challenges they’ve been faced with, such as being tasked with digging up a hundred years worth of concrete from the Schoolfield property.

“We’re digging up a lot of concrete on that site, and we’re addressing those issues as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can.”

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Given the challenges, Caesars casino is now slated to open in 2024.

“We remain confident that this project will open its doors in 2024 and we will share a revised target opening as soon as we feel like we have the confidence to make that prediction,” he said. “After all, no one is more motivated than Caesars to get this off the ground and begin generating revenue for the company and for the community.”

Livingston also announced that regardless of the pushed opening date, Caesars will still be required to make annual subsidy payments to the city prior to its opening based on a key provision in the development agreement.

Starting in Sept. 2023, Caesars will be required to make a minimum annual payment of $5 million. Livingston says these payments will be made in quarterly installments.

“Either way you look at it, for Danville, it is a win-win,” said Saunders.

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