LEAP gets new electric wheels to deliver healthy meals to Roanoke’s underserved communities

A new electric van at LEAP in Roanoke will help deliver fresh food to underserved communities

ROANOKE, Va. – A Roanoke nonprofit just got a new van to help deliver healthy food to underserved communities.

After facing numerous mechanical issues with an old van, LEAP now has a new electric vehicle to make food deliveries.

The new upgrade will help the team save about $5,000 in gas especially as inflation and gas prices continue to rise.

Volunteers now have twice as much space to load the van and serve more people.

“It really was getting to the point with our last van where we had to limit the amount of farm share members we could have because we could fit only so much food into the van,” said Kelly Key, director of programs at LEAP. “This one we are filling halfway.”

The goal is to use the van for more mobile stops and at a new hub to meet the growing demand from the community.

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