Virginia Tech Astronomy expert: Webb Telescope will lead to new discoveries

The universe will be put on display like never before

NASA releases new Webb telescope images

BLACKSBURG, Va. – NASA has reached a new, groundbreaking milestone after releasing the first full-color images from the new Webb Telescope.

For the first time ever, the nation is seeing high-resolution images of the universe as a new era of space exploration begins.

Using infrared technology, the telescope pulls very distant objects into sharp focus. It took about two decades and $10 billion to make it happen.

The telescope will be used to study never before seen galaxies and star clusters. It will also be used to help experts better understand how the universe came to be and if there might be life out there.

“As long as people are curious and want to know our place in the universe and what happened in the universe, this is our main new tool to do that,” Virginia Tech Physics Professor Nahum Arav said. “To advance our knowledge about how the universe evolved, how things have come to be as they are now and how the universe was in its very infancy.”

Arav said the telescope has a lifespan of about 20 years and is expected to lead to many new discoveries.

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