Rescued beagles arrive at Lynchburg Humane Society

The shelter is asking for donations to help with treatments and care for the dogs

Lynchburg Humane Society picks up beagles from Envigo. (Credit: Lynchburg Humane Society) (WSLS)

LYNCHBURG, Va. – After a company was shut down for dozens of animal welfare violations, thousands of animals were sent to shelters across the nation – over 4,000 beagles that were bred for scientific experiments at the facility were in need of forever homes.

Now, area shelters are taking action, and on Thursday, the Lynchburg Humane Society sent a team to help.

In a Facebook post, the Lynchburg Humane Society said that their team picked up 21 beagles from the Envigo facility and transported them back to their Center for Pets.

Upon arrival, the shelter said the dogs will be evaluated and receive necessary treatments, and they expect some of them to be available for adoption soon, while others might take a bit longer due to evaluation time.

If you’d like to donate, foster, or learn more about adopting any of these dogs, you can visit the Lynchburg Humane Society website.

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