Are you eligible for this one-time tax rebate?

Some Virginians could get the extra cash this fall

ROANOKE, Va. – This fall, some Virginians may be getting some extra money in their pockets, thanks to this one-time tax rebate.

It’s all part of a bipartisan plan passed through the state budget.

If you had a tax liability for your 2021 state return, you could get up to 250 dollars, and those who file jointly could get up to 500 dollars.

Ryan Beethoven-Wilson, a Tax Senior Manager explained the tax liability.

“What the department of taxation has defined the tax liability to be is your actual tax on 2021 income minus any credits you may have taken such as a credit for taxes paid to states other than Virginia,” Beethoven-Wilson said.

Most people should expect a rebate through a check in the mail or through direct deposit by October 31.

To find out if you’re eligible for the rebate or to learn more, go to the Virginia Tax website.

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