Henry County authorities find evidence of sexual abuse in rescued dog, looking for person responsible

Mercy Jean was found as a stray in November 2021, and has since been adopted by a loving family

Officials called this a horrific case of animal abuse and authorities want your help finding the culprit

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – It’s one of the worse abuse cases the Director of the Franklin County Humane Society told 10 News she’s ever seen.

This dog, named Mercy Jean, was found as a stray in November 2021 in Basset near the intersection of Cresthill Drive and Blackberry Road.

Mercy Jean was emaciated – her face, eyes, and tongue were burned from something caustic thrown in her face.

Her nails were painted hot pink and we’re told that they found evidence of sexual abuse.

For the past ten months, they’ve been processing the evidence collected, and now they’re making a public push to find the person who did this.

“Mercy Jean needs justice. She is probably not the first animal that this has happened to by this person and she may not be the last. It may not stop at an animal. It could move on to children and adults. It’s very important. To me, this is a serious threat.”

10 News is told that Mercy Jean has since been adopted by a loving family, making her way to a full recovery, but local authorities are still trying to find the person responsible.

If you have any information about this case, you’re asked to call the Henry County Sheriff’s Office at (276) 638-8751.

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