Lynchburg residents frustrated, worried after multiple shootings

There have been four incidents within less than a week

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Police responded to their third gun-related incident within the span of 48 hours on Thursday afternoon. The shooting is the fourth incident to happen in Lynchburg in less than a week.

Thursday’s shooting was near the James Crossing Apartments. Police found a man with a gunshot wound in his back when they arrived at the scene.

Like many of the others in the area, Gonzalez, a resident at the James Crossing Apartments, said he is sickened by the spur of gun violence within the last week, month, and even year.

“Everywhere you go someone’s getting shot. Why? What reason? Nobody knows,” Gonzalez said. He requested to be referred to by his last name alone.

One of Gonzalez’s biggest fears is his child – or any child – becoming the next victim.

“It’s always somebody’s child. It’s always somebody, somebody of something. Husband, wife, brother, sister, mother,” Gonzalez said.

There have been shootings at the apartments in the past. Gonzalez lives right across the street from a memorial honoring the life of Scottie Humbles.

“There’s a lot of things that go on around here but people like to keep it on the hush, hush. You see something say something, but a lot of people ain’t saying nothing,” Gonzalez said.

10 News reached out to Lynchburg Police for comment on the gun violence in the city. As of Thursday evening, they have yet to respond.

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