Sen. Tim Kaine says recent gun violence is ‘needless,’ pushes for resources to prevent mass shootings

Lawmakers are pushing for more resources to prevent mass shootings.

Senator Tim Kaine said the Commonwealth has been “scarred” by recent gun violence, adding that there is a need for more resources to prevent mass shootings.

“How needless? It really is evidence of a sickness. And it’s a sickness that has complex causes,” said Kaine.

He said it’s a difficult issue to address, between providing mental health resources and access to weapons.

Kaine also said in the three most recent shootings at the University of Virginia, a Walmart in Chesapeake, and a gay club in Colorado, there were warning signs that were overlooked.

“We need to create mechanisms on campuses, within workforces, within society generally, where you can take a warning sign if you think there is one — not to get somebody in trouble — but to make sure that they get some help,” said Kaine.

Kaine said he would also like to provide law enforcement with more resources to enforce temporary weapon restrictions for those at risk of hurting themselves or others.

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