Appalachian Power expects power to be restored for most Monday night

Over 50,000 customers were without power, most of which were in Virginia

ROANOKE, Va. – The power is coming back on for thousands of customers throughout Southwest Virginia.

Appalachian Power (AEP) says power should be restored for most customers on Monday night.

George Porter, a spokesperson for AEP, says the goal is to get everyone back up and running.

“We’re expecting to have everyone completed today. There may be some stragglers that roll over into tomorrow but one of our goals is to get everyone done today,” Porter said.

AEP has brought in more than 2,000 workers from neighboring states and other electric companies to come and help out during this time.

Without good-standing relationships, the work would not get done as quickly.

“We were able to get assistance over a holiday weekend and we can’t thank those teams and those people, those men and women enough who voluntarily left their families on Christmas to come up to West Virginia and Virginia and Tennessee to help restore our customers,” Porter said.

AEP said people should not see any major changes to their monthly electric bill because of this storm. There is a level of expected expenses already placed into rates that goes toward storm restoration.

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