Chris’s Coffee and Custard raising money for a food truck

They’re trying to raise $75,000 to hit the road in 2023

ROANOKE, Va. – A community favorite coffee shop is hoping to hit the road in 2023. Chris’s Coffee and Custard is raising money for a food truck.

Chris’s is hoping to raise $75,000 for the unit and other equipment.

The truck will feature some menu favorites, like their custard, but it will be a bit more limited compared to what you see in the shop.

Their goal is to reach more customers and focus on getting their young adults out into the community.

“We have some amazing young adults here at Chris’s and to be able to get them out and to share them with the community is going to be awesome they have such special gifts and talents that we just want people to see and to know about,” Beth Woodrum, the Owner of Chris’s Coffee and Custard said.

“I want to celebrate with my friends, family, and my neighbors,” Chris Woodrum, an employee and Beth’s son said.

They hope to have the truck up and running by early summer. They will need to hire at least four more employees to make this possible.

If you would like to donate to help them achieve their goal, click here.

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