Martinsville City Council votes to end reversion process

This comes five years after filing to revert

The vote to revert back to a town has been halted after a 3-2 vote during the Jan. 10 meeting.

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Martinsville City Council has voted to end the reversion process.

This comes after a 3-2 vote on Tuesday.

Under reversion, Martinsville would go back to being a town within Henry County.

The process was originally filed due to financial struggles that the council hoped Henry County could help relieve. In April of 2022, the city of Martinsville took the reversion fight to the Virginia Supreme Court.

Martinsville Mayor L.C. Jones says that staying a city allows more job providers to plant jobs in Martinsville, helping the economy.

“So many people want to come here, we just have to provide that opportunity — that’s where growth starts,” Jones said. “And that’s why we were so strongly against reversion.”

This vote ends nearly five years of contention surrounding the reversion process in Henry County.

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