Rivermont School celebrates 25 years in Danville

Staff and students heard from esteemed members of the community Friday

DANVILLE, Va. – Passion Adams has been at the Rivermont School in Danville for two years, and from what mom Christina Adams says, there were many problems in public school.

Christina says Rivermont has been able to do what other schools couldn’t.

“‘Come get her now, she can’t even stay half a day,’ then it got to where I had to homeschool her until she came here,” she said.

Rivermont celebrated 25 years of serving students like Passion with autism and special needs Friday. They take students referred by public schools who don’t have the right services for them.

Principal Terry Templeton says the students are what those 25 years are about.

“They give back so much that you don’t realize. You know, the hugs, the smiles,” Templeton said.

The theme for the celebration is “one love, one community.” Templeton says the community is how they are successful.

“They come to us from 8:30 to 2:30, and after that they’re back in the community with their families. So families, communities, school, they all need to work together to make our students successful,” Templeton said.

Speakers like Congressman Bob Good, as well as retired pro-football player and area native Ferrell Edmunds spoke to encourage students and staff.

Edmunds has sent foster children of his own to Rivermont.

“Rivermont was a great help for us, delivering and helping them get through the rough and hard times in life,” he said.

Christina Adams can attest to the impact Rivermont has had on Passion and says it can help more kids like her.

“It’s a real great opportunity for kids to have. They’re pretty good with her behaviors in class,” she said.

Templeton says they just want the students to be successful.

“The goal is to get students back to public school, or transition back to the real world of work eventually,” Templeton said.

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