‘He was a light to everyone’: Friends come forward to share memories of young McAfee Knob victim

10 News first reported an apparent murder-suicide Friday

ROANOKE COUNTY, VA – After we reported an apparent murder-suicide Friday, several people who say they are friends and co-workers of the teenager reached out to us over social media with hopes of keeping his memory alive.

Friends and family tell us the victim is Christian Lambert; however, Roanoke County Police did not confirm his identity when we asked.

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But friends and co-workers at a local restaurant he worked at say Christian Lambert was loved by many.

One co-worker shared, “Chris was loved by so many, and he was a light to everyone. He was like a brother to most of us. Chris was someone you could always go to. He never failed to put me in a good mood with his goofy jokes. No matter what was going on at home, Chris was positive and happy. He was growing into such a good man. He would help wherever it was needed, and his work ethic was unbelievable. He was a kind, pure soul.”

Co-workers go on to say Chris was about to graduate from high school and that they will still be supporting him at graduation to make the big day a celebration.

Police confirm the other person who died was 62-year-old Lewis Lambert Jr. Officials did not say the relationship between the two.

Hikers found the bodies in the McAfee Knob trailhead parking lot Friday morning.

Roanoke County spokesperson Amy Whittaker says this is uncommon for the area.

“This is a very safe area of the community. It’s a good area; we have a lot of visitors that come through,” Whittaker said.

Police say both died from gunshot wounds, one self-inflicted. But they could not tell us which of the two had self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

It was later released that one of the victims was a person of interest in two Roanoke City house fires Friday morning.

Neighbor Katrece Williams says she’s shocked.

“It’s very rare. Since we’ve been here for two years, we’ve been in Roanoke on other streets, we have never seen anything like this,” Williams said.

Williams doesn’t know how the incidents could be related.

“All three incidents connected just sounds weird,” Williams said.

This is still an open investigation, and Roanoke County Police are asking for any information that could help.

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