Roanoke County Superintendent Dr. Nicely welcomes students back to school

Roanoke County Public Schools Superintendent Ken Nicely (WSLS)

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Wednesday was the first day back at school for some districts. And in Roanoke County, Superintendent Dr. Ken Nicely welcomed students back at Masons Cove Elementary School.

He says they are mindful of the nationwide trends of low test scores, but says Roanoke County ranks high in testing and is excited to keep that going.

“We’re really focused on learning, we’re focused on what we call deeper learning — which is learning that is engaging and purposeful,” Dr. Nicely said. “We ask our teachers to prepare lessons and learning experiences that help kids see connections between what they’re learning in school and the real world.”

Leaders also warned drivers to be cautious now that school buses are back on the road and students are back at the bus stop.

“Put simply, if you see red lights you need to be stopping whether you’re behind the bus or the bus is approaching you and you’re in the opposite direction,” Chuck Lionberger, Director of Community Relations said. “You need to be stopping.”

And as a reminder, the only exception to that rule is if there is a physical barrier in between you and the other side of the road. For example, a grass or concrete median.

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