Beware of tax-related scams this tax season

VIRGINIA – It’s tax time, and while you’re filing this year, keep an eye on tax-related scams.

Better Business Bureau of Western Virginia’s President and CEO Julie Wheeler said they tend to be on the rise this time of year.

Wheeler said scammers are typically seeking two things.

“Both are trying to get personal information,” Wheeler said. “In addition, the one where you owe money they’re trying to get you to pay them with gift cards or some other wire, some other unusual form of payment.”

If a scammer steals your social security number, they can get your tax refund before you can. However, there are a couple of ways to prevent that.

“File as early as you can because that will help preclude that from happening,” Wheeler said. “You also have what they call an identity protection pin, which you get from the IRS.”

And, be wary of IRS impersonators this time of year. The agency should only contact you through mail during an initial investigation.

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