2020 serves another blow as Ginsburg's death ignites fight

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FILE - In this Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020, file photo, a sign featuring a likeness of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is carried in Washington Square Park in New York, a day after the death of the Supreme Court justice. The political battle is being quickly joined over replacing Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle, File)

WASHINGTON – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death drew mourners to the steps of the Supreme Court, where they sang “Amazing Grace” in the dark. Fresh off a rally stage in Minnesota, President Donald Trump learned of the loss and praised Ginsburg as an “amazing” woman.

Such grace notes didn’t last long. They were overwhelmed as swiftly as the sagebrush of Western wildfires, little boats in the hurricanes and hospitals at the height of infections in this year of calamity and a book named “Rage.”

With a court seat open, yet another fiery fight is lit between partisans clashing over matters of racism, policing, masks, lockdowns, how to vote and for whom to vote, as one crisis after another pummels the country, bringing no unity and no common heroes, just another flashpoint.

How many more of them can America take?

Perhaps not since Weather Underground radicals bombed buildings in a drive to “disrupt the empire” and the Nixon-era Southern Strategy seized on racism as a political tool has the country faced tension and turmoil from so many corners at once.

Inevitably, and against her last wishes, Ginsburg became a political football mere minutes after her death was disclosed Friday night. New winds of rage picked up.

Condolences from public figures across the divide came with opening salvos in the struggle over her replacement. Republicans are pressing for preelection action on a Trump nominee; Democrats for a post-election, post-inauguration nomination that they hope will come from a new president, Joe Biden. Trump says he'll name his choice this week.

Protesters are protesting. The political battle is joined. Campaign money is being leveraged from Ginsburg's death by both sides. It's the American way.