Joe Biden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

A member of Parliament in the U.K. nominated him

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Joe Biden has been nominated for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize two weeks away from the next presidential debate.

A member of Parliament in the United Kingdom, Chris Bryant, told the Evening Standard he nominated Biden for not resorting to violent solutions and using positive speech.

“When others have resorted to violent solutions, he has argued that the best force is the force of argument," Bryant told the Standard. "Because guns can stop a heart but well-placed words can change many hearts, and many hearts can change a world.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s political opponent President Donald Trump has received three nominations in September with the most recent from an Australian law professor who nominated him on Monday, Sky News reports.

Nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize are accepted by any politician serving at the national level as well as those who are head of state. There were 318 candidates for the 2020 prize.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner will be announced on Oct. 9.

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