Treat your cat like a queen with this cat condo from Amazon

The purrfect home for your outdoor cat


Your cat may be living a more lavish lifestyle than you inside this incredibly cute cat condo, but at the end of the day, isn't this what they deserve for being the best cat ever?

Amazon's cat condo looks like it could be the most over-the-top thing you could ever purchase for your cat, but if you've got an outdoor cat who needs some shelter when it rains, this condo could become a saving grace. 

The condo comes in two fashionable colors, because cats love options, and is waterproof, because cats love staying dry when it's wet outside. It even comes with a little shelf that can fit some beautiful flowers, or in this case, maybe some catnip? 

The condo has tons of great reviews, with customers gloating about how much their cats love their new digs. It seems that a lot of people who bought this condo don't even have cats, but wanted to give a little shelter to some of the feral cats in their neighborhoods. 

And if you don't have an outdoor cat or a neighborhood cat to shelter, there's nothing wrong with setting this bad boy inside your house so you and your cat can officially be neighbors. How purrfect is that? 

The cat condo is going for $129.99 on Amazon. Click here to see it. 



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