Hokies hope to close 2018 with another winning mark

Virginia Tech's last losing record was 1992 season

BLACKSBURG, Va. – With the bowl streak and Commonwealth Cup secure for another season, Virginia Tech now turns their attention--to  another streak. They haven't finished with a losing record, since this whole bowl streak began.

"For Virginia Tech, it's not part of what we do. We didn't just have a 25-year bowl streak. We had a 25-year winning streak and it's kind of one and the same.  It's what we expect to do every year," senior defensive tackle Vinny Mihota said.

"We had a long year, from injuries to almost anything you want to name. it pretty much, for Virginia Tech, -- it happened. So to finish off the season 7-6 I would say would definitely be a season I won't forget," senior defensive tackle Ricky Walker said.

Coach Justin Fuente explained that schoolwork and recovery have been the focus of his more experienced players, with fundamentals being stressed with his younger ones.

"We kept the older guys out there for about an hour,  getting some good full-speed work, not a lot of crossover, and let those guys go, and then we kept the young guys out there. (They) are the guys that hadn't played a lot and really got some good working for the second half of the practice,"  Fuente said.

 Virginia Tech will get to send their players home for Christmas for the first time in years, with the team reconvening back in Annapolis for final bowl preparations.  The kickoff of the Military Bowl is set for noon on Dec. 31.