Cave Spring prepares for River Ridge final Friday night

Knights have been battle tested this season

ROANOKE, Va. – Cave Spring hasn't run into many teams that can match them but their opponent in the River Ridge District final is one of them. The Knights have been battle tested all season and feel confident heading into Friday nights contest against Patrick Henry. 

The Knights are having a better season than a year ago where they went 13-13 with a regional semifinal bid. Now sitting at 19-4, with a regular season district title already in the case,
this once-young team is showing poise to make a deeper run. 

They flaunt three players who are averaging double-figures and have a deep bench, which has contributed to their success. 

"That's an advantage that most teams don't have," said senior Crawford Enyart.

"So when it comes to the fourth quarter, we've been a fourth quarter team to this point in the year and that's because our reserves have been doing so well."

"These guys have been battle tested," said head coach Jacob Gruse.

"They don't seem to panic when they get into a close game or when they get behind. They trust the process and trust coaches; they trust in each other and we've had a really good season thus far."

Cave Spring will battle Patrick Henry for the River Ridge District Tournament title at 6 p.m. Friday.