Virginia native has ties to Oklahoma Sooners

Pat Frizzell and his three siblings graduated from Oklahoma University

COLUMBIA, S.C. – As you would imagine, the NCAA Tournament brings in fans from far and wide to root on theirs schools. Ahead of the Virginia-Oklahoma matchup in Columbia, South Carolina our crew caught up with a fan who has ties to the Sooners and the state of Virginia. 

Pat Frizzell grew up with his family in Mount Vernon, Virginia. His father, Harry, spent 35 years in the Army, serving in three wars, but managed to send all four of his children to Oklahoma University. He even showed off his Sooner pride on his license plate, which Pat has managed to keep for more than 4 decades.

"Very few people in this country have a parent who puts all their kids through one niversity. But imagine four kids graduating from the University of Oklahoma and dad proudly had this license plate since 1977," said Frizzell, who now goes by Harry in honor of his father.

"He passed away a year ago in January. But all four kids graduating from Oklahoma, that is almost unthinkable. Tonight my prediction is this: the Oklahoma Sooners will beat the Virginia Cavaliers 71-70."

Frizzell's prediction was a little off. The Cavaliers picked up the 63-51 victory to advance to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. And if the name sounds familiar, Frizzell used to be a sports anchor here at WSLS in the early 1990s.


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