Quarterback battle underway for Redskins

Friday marked day two of training camp.

Quarterback battle underway for the Redskins

RICHMOND, Va. – The Redskins quarterback carousel has been spinning at breakneck speed since Alex Smith’s injury last fall.

Smith’s presence, while encouraging, doesn’t answer question NO. 1: which quarterback can grab the controls and steady the offense, the team, and the franchise.

"It’s actually fun. These guys are competing, they’re doing well mentally and physically, they're making throws," head coach Jay Gruden said. "Others making a few mistakes, but I think the most important thing is who is the most consistent, the most accurate and who does the best in the move the ball periods and some of the teams' settings.”

Veteran Case Keenum was dealt forward to inject an experienced leader into a battered unit.

“The team is better when [we're] beating against each other to make each other better," Keenum said. "That’s at each position group, you know, when we’re all rooting each other on too which is good.”

First-round pick Dwayne Haskins brings an abundance of talent and a winning attitude from Ohio State.

"The speed is fine. I would say the talent is much different than what I’m used to," Haskins said. "Guys are more instinctive, they know what they’re doing more and they’re doing a better job reading me, so that’s why I am trying to figure out how to beat him.”

Returning backup Colt McCoy is recovering from a broken leg, but his five years in the system are certainly a plus.

"I think the urgency from us older guys is different right now," McCoy said. "I mean, from JJ down to our coaches, I really think that we have an attitude of like, what we’ve done so far is really not up to our standard.”