Bronco Mendenhall impressed with depth of first-year class

He expects double digits playing this season

Mendenhall impressed with freshman depth

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.- – University of Virginia football is only 10 days away from their season opener at Pitt. While no depth chart has been released, head coach Bronco Mendenhall has his mind made up on whether his freshmen will fill out the backup positions. 

"Our program is in a healthier place; however, there could be up to 10 first years that play. And that's based on how strong our first year class is," Mendenhall said. "I really like this first year class from top to bottom. The depth they're adding, the athleticism, and the physicality, we did a nice job in the selection process of this class."

"They're performing well. It doesn't mean in the opener you will see an abundance of first years but I would say before the season (is over) I wouldn't be surprised if it was in double digits," he said.