Roanoke Catholic not caught up in impressive win streak

The Celtics have not lost 33 games straight

Roanoke Catholic not caught up in impressive win streak

ROANOKE, Va. – Like any good team, you can't let the wins and losses define you. But for the Roanoke Catholic football team, they've won 33 games in a row, their last loss dating back to the first game of the 2016 season. 

"Personally, the team does remember the game we lost," senior Chris Schaible said. "We go into each week thinking, you know, we're one win away. Every week is what our season depends on. We approach every week the same as the next week."

Add three straight state championships to the mix and their first two wins in 2019, the Celtics have every reason to feel on top of the world. 

"We're confident in our scheme and we're confident in the way we need to play," head coach Bob Price said. "It's just a matter of coming to work every day and trying to get better every day when we come to practice."

"It all starts with the coaches. They keep us on the ground. We have had a lot of success in the past but that doesn't guarantee anything in the future," Schaible said. "We know that. We come in here every day ready to work and put it all out on the field and get ready for every week."

But every week presents a new challenge and in a game where nothing is guaranteed, Roanoke Catholic returns home Friday night to host Norfolk Christian. 

"I'm excited about the season. This will be a real test for us, this is a very athletic team and Norfolk Christian is a very athletic team and we're going to have our hands full," Price said.

"They're going to spread the field out more than we've seen so we have to get ready for that. We have been, we've been preparing. It will be a challenge just like every week, we go in with that mindset, but we've been preparing, we think we can handle it," Schaible said.

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