Backpacking with Brooke: Rice Fields Hike

The hike takes you to a bald patch on Peters Mountain with views looking toward West Virginia

NARROWS, Va. – The Rice Fields hike is located near Narrows and is a steady five mile out and back hike with stunning views from the top.

You’ll park just off of Pocahontas Road on a gravel pull-off, then backtrack a few paces down to the beginning of the Appalachian Trail. This hike is marked with white blazes, and follows the AT 2.5 miles around the mountain.

The beginning of the hike traverses back and forth as you steadily ascend. You can hear the spring trickle below you in some spots, and there are plenty of look outs on your way up.

After about a mile, you will come upon a camp ground. Follow the road straight around the bend, then hop back on the trail to your left.

The next mile and half was very pretty. It took us through big rock formations and over springs. The best part was almost the whole way up, you could see through the trees.

When you’re almost to the top it gets a little windy. You’ll then come to a 'T’ in the trail. Go to the right and you’ll find wooden stairs that lead over a barbed wire fence.

Climb over that and walk a few more paces and you’ll be at the top.

The views look deep into West Virginia. It was a little windy but a clear day so we could see for what seemed like forever.

There is also a shelter at the top if you’re interested in camping. After you’re done basking in the sun and enjoying the view, head back down the way you came.

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Brooke Leonard is the newest addition to the 10 Sports team, joining in June 2019.