Miette Veldman finishes legacy at Lord Botetourt with VHSL’s Class 3 Female Athlete of the Year

The award is a culmination of athletics, academics, and service

DALEVILLE, Va. – Miette Veldman is surely set to go down as one of the greatest athletes to ever come through Lord Botetourt High School.

“I think it was so special, I can’t imagine playing anywhere else,” Veldman said. “I see other schools and I’m like wow, they are not the same. Botetourt, the community, my last four years, we’ve seen Botetourt athletics really come together.”

In her time as a Cavalier, Veldman has won five state titles between volleyball and basketball. Her senior year alone she was named Class 3 Player of the Year in volleyball and Region 3D Player of the Year in basketball. She’s also reached the 1K club four times.

“A lot of it is just my teammates and coaches, ones that push me every day. Also the competitors I played against, who pushed me to be better every game,” she said.

Most recently, she was named the Class 3 Female Athlete of the Year by the VHSL and Allstate foundation. The award is given based on athletics, academics, and community service.

“It was really cool, a cool way to be done and it all be final. I was sitting with my family and my dad was like wow this just came out, congrats, so it was really cool.”

But her biggest achievement to date was receiving her diploma and graduating. Punching a ticket to the next level, where she will continue her volleyball career at James Madison University.

“It’s going to be different not playing basketball but I will still be busy. I’m excited to keep going and keep winning, we hope,” she finished.

In the meantime, a legacy left behind, and a future Hall of Fame spot to look forward to.

Veldman was also named a recipient of the 70th annual B’nai B’rith Athletic and Achievement awards sponsored by the Roanoke Jewish Federation.

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