Two standouts for quarterback through nine practices at Virginia Tech

Coach Pry said he would like to name a starter before summer

Hokies quarterbacks Jason Brown and Grant Wells are the frontrunners for the starting quarterback position as the Spring football practice season winds down. (WSLS-TV/ Virginia Tech Athletics/ACC)

BLACKSBURG, Va. – There’s been an awful lot learned about the new Virginia Tech squad during spring practice. But a position group we haven’t heard a lot about is the quarterbacks. Quarterback coach Brad Glenn said the room started with six, now been narrowed down to about four, with South Carolina transfer Jason Brown and Marshall transfer Grant Wells leading the way through nine practices.

“You know, to be honest, I would say their experience, you can’t replicate game experience, I think that has shown early on in spring ball with us, and that kind of gave those guys a leg up early on over the younger guys,” Glenn said.

“I always forget I’m one of the oldest people on this team, I just turned 23 two weeks ago,” Brown said. “The youngest guy in our room is 18, so I’m just trying to be a resource to them and help them in different ways. I guess that’s what he meant by that.”

And a starting quarterback may be named sooner than we think.

“I would love to name a guy at the end of spring, I think from a leadership standpoint, shaping the offensive unit, the culture there, it would be beneficial to us. But if we’re not ready to do it, we won’t,” Pry said.

Now the players said they have all seen equal reps so it’s hard to say who has more leverage, but the public will definitely be able to see some action in just ten days at the spring game on April 16.

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