Fans ready to embrace Washington’s inaugural season as the Commanders

‘It took some time to get used to the name’

LANDOVER, Md. – It was an exciting day in the DMV as fans filed into FedEx Field to start a new era of Washington Football as they along with the team were ready to “Take Command”.

I found lifelong Washington fans Jeff and Chris who were decked out in custom made Washington overalls, filled with historic patches from various feats in the franchises history.

“How did you adjust to the name change? Or were tears shed?”

“I’m still probably crying a little bit inside,” Jeff said honestly. “My father was a die hard fan and that’s why I’m a fan.”

“It took some time to get used to the name,” said Gigi who’s reason for attending Saturday’s preseason opener was bigger than the game.

“We came out here to support my husband. He was in a major accident two months ago. He was in a hit and run. We’re here to support and honor his name. He’s a big Commanders fan so we’re here on his behalf,” Gigi explained. He’s been in a coma for two months. To learn more about the family and incident, click here.

While changes have come, the franchise has embraced some of its original concepts while bringing a refreshed meaning or sense—hence the revised fight song.

“I’m glad the team has embraced the historical side of the team, franchise and history,” said the aforementioned Chris.

But it’s all for the love of the game to mark the unofficial start to a renewed era and 2022 season for Washington.

“I’m excited. All we need is the wins now,” Chris said.

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