Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball team preps for NCAA tournament game

BLACKSBURG, Va. – A big weekend in Blacksburg with March Madness underway.

Cassell Coliseum is sold out for women’s basketball for the first time since 1999 when they played saint peters in the NCAA.

10 Sports spoke to the Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball team as they prepare for the dance.

It’s an exciting time for Blacksburg – South Dakota State, University of Southern California, and Virginia Tech’s immediate opponent Chattanooga all will be playing in front of a sold-out crowd.

“It’s remarkable, remarkable the way Hokie nation has come and represented. They’re going to be able to show out for our kids. That’s special to me, I’m a father of three daughters, I’ve been coaching women’s basketball for 20-something years, always championing for the opportunities for them to get what they deserve. Things might not always be equal but we want them to be fair,” Head Coach Kenny Brooks said.

After ticket sales were open to Virginia Tech’s donors, the general public sold out Friday’s games in nearly 20 minutes, and within 90 minutes for Sunday. Not to mention – 1500 free tickets were set aside for students, something D’Asia Gregg is thankful for.

“This is a great time for everybody to come out and come to the game, we appreciate it because this is what we’ve been wanting all season long, a packed house, and now that we got that we’re ready to perform,” Gregg said.

Coach Brooks said finding out this weekend was a sell-out had him kind of feeling like the Beetles ... Or like Taylor Swift to keep it with the times. According to the ticket office on Thursday, there were 8,454 tickets sold for the NCAA weekend.

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