Feel Good Friday: Meet 'The Wreath Guy’

ROANOKE, Va. – Trading in riches for the simpler things in life after a traumatic car accident ten years ago, business owner David Hendren says he divorced himself from money and he now lives life on the road.

You may know him as “The Wreath Guy,” known for turning trash into treasure.

Dave Hendren makes wreathes like he lives his life, going with the flow and seeing the beauty in the simple things.

“I used to have retail stores and employees to babysit and I just didn’t want to anymore," said Hendren. "I divorced myself from all of it. I just wanted to travel, I just want to be a free weed. I find work where I go.”

Life on the road ultimately brings him to Roanoke at the beginning of November every year.

“It is really exciting every year when I come back, when I have someone say, ‘It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a wreath from “The Wreath Guy,"' just, I don’t know, it makes me feel really good,” said Hendren.

He earned his name as “The Wreath Guy” a decade ago while backpacking through southeast roanoke.

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