Winter returns this week; possible storm system next weekend

We're dry much of this week, but cold.


ROANOKE, Va. – Temperatures Sunday reached into the upper 50s and low 60s across the area. Don't count on that lasting into Monday, though. 

Wind out of the east and southeast will wedge the clouds and colder air against the mountains. Highs only manage to make it into the 40s. Make sure the kids have their jacket, as they head back to school in the morning.


We'll warm back up Tuesday into the upper 50s to low 60s, but then temperatures come crashing down Wednesday. This is something we first mentioned on Facebook about three weeks ago.


The high temperature Wednesday may actually come in the morning, with daytime temperatures falling into the 30s. The wind will make it feel colder at times, especially by Thursday morning. That's when we expect temperatures to drop below freezing for the first time since December 27. 

Temperatures should be able to rebound into the 40s Friday, but the amount of cold air left over is an important part of the forecast for next Saturday (perhaps Sunday). That's when we'll be tracking a developing storm system across the southern U.S.

If the cold air and storm system can mesh, we could see some snow in the area next weekend. 


However, don't be so quick to compare it to the December 9 snowstorm. That storm was stronger, and had a lot more moisture to it than what's being shown in the forecast data right now.

The system of interest comes closer to southern California Wednesday evening, at which point weather balloons can sample it and get to know it better. 


For now, the overall pattern has our attention. It's our job to let you know that, rather than hide it. We'll keep you posted on its progression throughout the week. 

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