Tropical Storm Grace develops east of the Caribbean

The 7th-named storm of the season has formed a few weeks earlier than average

NHC path for Tropical Storm Grace - 7 a.m., 8/14/2021

ROANOKE, Va. – As of Saturday morning, Tropical Storm Grace developed east of the Lesser Antilles. It’s the 7th-named storm of the season. Since 1966, this is the 5th-earliest ‘G’ storm on record. At the moment, there’s no immediate threat to our area from Grace. In fact, it may have the same problem Fred had - interaction with land.

In addition to Grace, Fred continues to struggle near Cuba. The storm is forecast to emerge from Cuba and head into the Gulf of Mexico, where it will strengthen into a tropical storm before making landfall on the Gulf Coast.

NHC path for Tropical Depression Fred - 7 a.m., 8/14/2021

We’ll likely see remnant moisture from the storm next week, which will result in beneficial rain for at least parts of the region.

This is the time of year when tropical systems become more frequent. Main threats with inland tropical systems usually include localized flooding and isolated tornadoes.

Frequency of tropical systems

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