Extra moisture means humidity and isolated afternoon showers

Daily shower chances start today and last well into next week

Cool down with an iced drink this afternoon: some highs reach the upper 80s today

ROANOKE, Va. – If you enjoyed yesterday’s weather today’s is not too disappointing. Temperatures are still in the mid-to-upper 80s and skies are still partly cloudy. The biggest difference from now into the start of next week is extra moisture that will make it feel slightly warmer in the afternoons and bring isolated shower chances each day.

The High Pressure that did such a great job of keeping us dry earlier this week is moving to our east. In its place some warm air carrying moisture from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico is headed our way.

The warm front headed our way brings heavy rain to Georgia and South Carolina today while we only have a few showers

That front stays to the south today as does the heaviest rain. The changing pattern does bring some short-lived showers this afternoon.

Showers this afternoon are few and far between with a slightly higher chance of development in the NRV and Highlands

That front gets closer to us on Friday but still stays to our south. Extra moisture arrives when that front creeps towards us allowing more showers to develop Friday.

Friday's showers are slightly more spread out than this afternoon's

Showers start after 1:00 PM each day with the heaviest rain between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM. The coverage is limited so you won’t have to totally change your evening plans. Most rain totals for Thursday and Friday combined are less than a tenth of an inch.

Rain totals are mostly under a tenth of an inch through the end of the work week

Conditions this weekend keep the pattern we have to end the work week. There are a few extra showers in store Saturday afternoon, but they are still isolated enough that you can spend some time outdoors. Sunday would be the better day to make a tee-time, but Saturday morning is not out of the question.

Weekend mornings are pleasant if not a bit humid, but check the radar on the Weather Authority app in the afternoons

If you want to get outside either afternoon be sure to stay hydrated. Highs are much lower than what we had in the hottest days this summer, but with the extra humidity this weekend it is a little harder for your body to regulate your temperature. Be kind to yourself and stay cool!

Weekend temperatures feel very summer-like, and the humidity makes us feel a degree or two warmer

Similar highs, humidity, and shower chances last for the start of the next work week. Our weather pattern doesn’t really change until the middle of the week.

Shower chances are consistently low into next week with a few more drops of rain coming Saturday

A cold front headed our way will bring more clouds and rain. After that system some comfortable weather arrives in time for the weekend.

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