Seasonably cool, dry Tuesday prior to Wednesday AM rain, late-week cold snap

A cold front brings rain, followed by a cold snap later this week

ROANOKE, Va. – Tuesday morning starts out much colder than Monday morning did, thanks to a clearer sky and a calmer wind.

Seasonable chill then lasts into the afternoon with highs in the 50s.

High temperature forecast for Tuesday, 11/29/2022

Meanwhile, a severe weather outbreak takes aim at parts of the Deep South and Mid-South Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Storm Prediction Center severe weather outlook for Tuesday, 11/29/2022

Rain feeds off that system heading into Wednesday morning. Our severe weather threat, however, is pretty close to zero.

FutureTracker first thing Wednesday morning

The afternoon trends drier and warmer with highs mostly in the 50s and 60s.

High temperature forecast for Wednesday, 11/30/2022

The wind picks up as well during the afternoon and evening, as gusts peak between 25 and 40 mph.

That, combined with a rush of cold air, leads to lower wind chills first thing Thursday morning.

Wind gust and wind chill forecast for Wednesday into Thursday morning

Highs will be in the 40s Thursday afternoon, with temperatures dropping into the 20s first thing Friday morning.

Outside of a few showers Saturday, the weekend weather is fairly uneventful.

Weekend forecast for 12/2 to 12/4/2022

Another round of cool rain showers arrives early next week.

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