Fan recreates ‘Hamilton’ musical in the animated world of ‘Animal Crossing’

Alexander Hamilton as an ‘Animal Crossing’ cat? Say less

Still from "ACT 1 - HAMILTON: An Animal Crossing Musical" on YouTube (Guitar_Knight14 on YouTube)

One creative “Hamilton” fan recreated the popular musical in the style of everyone’s favorite beginning-of-quarantine video game, “Animal Crossing.”

“Hamilton: An Animal Crossing Musical,” created by online user Guitar_Knight 14, is now streaming on YouTube after six months of work.

The creator transforms an Animal Crossing island into the world of “Hamilton,” recreating the first act of the musical synced with the audio of the original Broadway cast recording.

As if this unique idea couldn’t get better, the titled character, originally played by Lin Manuel Miranda, is played by an animated cat. Not sure about you, but watching an “Animal Crossing” cat constantly singing about not throwing away his shot sounds pretty entertaining.

You can watch the entirety of the first act on YouTube. It’s nearly an hour and 14 minutes long.

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