Tasty Tuesday: Fincastle Cafe

In addition to the delicious coffee and treats, they plan to open a pie shop and rooftop bar

FINCASTLE, Va. – “As soon as the doors opened, we started coming.”

Lynne Bolton and company make Fincastle Café a regular destination.

Bolton opines, “The coffee beats some of the other establishments that we won’t name.”

The smell, the music, the banter between people and the small-town charm are enough to draw you in for an escape from our busy schedules.

At the center of the escape is Stephanie Payne, who says one of the main purposes of Fincastle Café is to have, “A spot where relationships can develop. Maybe [it’s] your first date or an evening out with your spouse.”

For Payne, it’s about finding what people want and giving it to them. She says they’ve been, “Getting away from processed as much as possible and offering things that are made with love.”

Sometimes, you don’t know what you want until you get it. For example, their special blend from Shenandoah Joe is a hidden gem. It’s not bitter at all and is very comforting when you sip it. If it’s enough to get someone like me, who’s *never* had coffee before to try it, it’s a winner. In just a short time, the menu has grown beyond the blend…

Bolton and many others have fallen in love with, “The scones, the muffins, the pie lady pies, the quiches, the paninis at lunch.”

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