TAKEOUT TUESDAY: Blacksburg Bagels finds time to give back during pandemic

Everything from pita bread to crackers, bagels to croissants, is made from scratch at Blacksburg Bagels.

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Finding a bagel place can be a tough task in our area. Finding people who are willing to lend a helping hand right now is not. Luckily, we found both at Blacksburg Bagels. Peter Macedo has been at the helm since 2013, baking up fresh goods.

He talks about the early stages, saying, “It’s been something that we started out at the farmer’s market and then grew from there.”

They also bake for a bunch of popular spots in the New River Valley, including Radford Coffee Company, Eats and Annie K’s, Our Daily Bread in Blacksburg and Bull & Bones in Blacksburg.

Add deliveries and pick-up options to the mix, and the crew at double-b has a lot on their plate. They don’t use that as an excuse to skimp out. Macedo tells us that, “Everything we do is from scratch.”

This includes, “Sandwich breads, sourdoughs, burger buns, croissants, pitas, pizza dough, gluten free pizza dough, crackers.”

The croissants alone take four days to make!

As if that wasn’t enough, Macedo and the gang still find the time in their busy schedule to give back.

“We set up a program where people could actually contribute money and then we’d bake for food pantries.”

Its through their own generosity that they realize what they miss most right now. Seemingly holding back tears, Macedo says, “A lot of the interactions we’re getting are not face-to-face anymore. So when a person says, I want to do this…I lost it, because I was like…I can’t hug you. It’s not fair.”

You can order whatever you’d like from them, or you can help donate, by clicking here. Their goods can also be found at the Blacksburg YMCA on Mondays and Fridays. Macedo even says that if you qualify for SNAP benefits, they will give you free bread at the farmer’s markets.

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