Tasty Tuesday: Lasterday Market proves that southern comfort goes beyond the food

Family-owned and locally sourced, Lasterday Market provides an escape from the busy lives we lead.

NEW CASTLE, Va. – At Lasterday Market, “We like biscuits. We love people,” say the Beaudoin’s. They’re all about family and supporting their local community.

When referencing the nearly 20 biscuits on the menu, Melissa Beaudoin says, “A lot of these are family recipes.”

The recipes aren’t the only thing kept in the family, but the names of the biscuits are too. Five of them are named after Mike and Melissa’s children; the Classic, Mischief Maker, Sweetheart, Spicy One and Chuckle.

The variety of biscuits has one frequent customer, Miss Shirley, saying, “You get a lot of food and have to take half home.”

But what’s a biscuit without sweet tea?

“We have a lot of iterations of sweet tea float. Sometimes, you have to talk people into doing it.”

For those that are unfamiliar with a sweet tea float, it’s a root beer float. Instead of root beer, you put in sweet tea. It is amazing! As you can imagine, it took little persuasion for us to dive into this refreshing treat. That’s especially because Lasterday Market is a place that makes you feel like you’re in your own dining room.

For the Beaudoin’s they say, “It all stems back to breaking bread together. It’s hard to dislike someone when you share a table with them.”

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