Is daylight saving time still worth it? 5 questions as the nation prepares to spring forward

Stock image/Julian Paolo Dayag
Stock image/Julian Paolo Dayag (Pexels)

It’s time to adjust the clocks in the kitchen, bedroom, car and wherever else is needed, as another daylight saving time day is upon us this weekend.

Since it’s March, this weekend’s time adjustment of going an hour forward will result in one fewer hour of sleep on Sunday, but more daylight as it will now get dark an hour later.

But how did daylight saving time come into existence, what are the pros and cons, and why is it still happening?

Here are some answers to key questions surrounding daylight saving time.

Who invented daylight saving time?

The invention of the concept is credited to George Hudson, an entomologist from New Zealand who, in 1895, proposed a two-hour time shift so there would be more daylight after work to go bug hunting, according to National Geographic.

The concept was also championed in England by a man named William Willett, who proposed the idea to England’s parliament in the early 1900s.

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