Tasty Tuesday: Several new sweet spots open up shop in the New River Valley

Several new businesses have opened in the NRV, and their sweet treats are drawing a crowd!

NEW RIVER VALLEY, Va. – 10 News’ ‘In Your Town’ brings us to the New River Valley, where so many sweet spots have popped up in the past year. We’re taking you to five places that are sure to grab your attention.

Hodge Podge Cookies - Radford

Craig and Kari Hodge were trying to find ways to make extra money during the pandemic.

“Craig told me for many years that I needed to start selling these amazing sugar cookies.”

To which he tells us, “You can taste the layer of the cookie.”

Layers that range from a sweet triple chocolate to a vegan option in the coconut cranberry.

Hodge Podge Cookies is a place designed to show off some creativity, and it’s “An environment that allows people to activate their greatness.”

The Grind - Wytheville

The Grind, named both for its coffee and its grit. Its original store is in Bluefield, but they recently added to the fleet by opening up a shop in downtown Wytheville.

Owner, Collin O’Donnell, hopes that his coffee shop can be a part of your peace when you start your day.

Gourmet coffee, smoothies and milkshakes become a part of that peace. Even though O’Donnell says the food is “secondary,” it’s not to be slept on.

The Grind serves up everything from breakfast sandwiches to savory lunchtime melts to sweet treats like muffins.

Poppy’s - Christiansburg

“Why don’t you call it Poppy’s? And that’s what my son calls his grandfather.”

The Williams’ brothers take the old and make it new. An homage to Custard Corner, the two opened Poppy’s not long ago.

Nostalgic ice cream flavors, red hot dogs, strawberry shortcakes, milkshakes and my personal favorite - Stormies - make for a special treat.

Arabica Cafe - Radford

Another story of sibling success comes out of Radford, where the Ghoneim’s opened Arabica Cafe.

Their mom always sent them with food as kids, but she was scared to open her own place.

That’s no longer a fear! People are flocking to them for everything from sweet and savory crepes to Turkish coffee and last but not least- the baklava ice cream.

Sugar and Flour - Pearisburg

Samantha McCroskey measures with her heart, which she’s poured into Sugar & Flour.

Much like the Ghoneim’s Mom, McCroskey was hesitant to open a storefront.

A little convincing led her to selling beautifully decorated cakes, boxes full of cookies, homemade bagels, ginormous cinnamon rolls and caffeine creations.

When she’s not baking up a storm, she’s finding ways to give back to the community - including local high school graduates.

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