Tasty Tuesday: Hodge Podge Cookies putting dough toward childhood cancer awareness in September

You can help donate to the cause simply by ordering fresh-baked cookies

RADFORD, Va. – Home-grown couple, Craig and Kari Hodge, were thinking of other ways to make money during the pandemic. They didn’t have to go far, though.

Kari recalls, “Craig told me for many years that I needed to start selling these amazing sugar cookies.”

She caved, but didn’t realize what her husband was about to do next.

“He went and bought enough to make 75 dozen cookies. I was so mad at him. I was like there is no way.”

They did sell all 75 dozen, so Hodge Podge Cookies - just like a cup of flour - rose quickly.

Craig, proud of his wife and the work they’ve done together, says, “You can taste the layer of the cookie, like you can get a hint of this, or a hint of that. It’s more accentuated. It’s more profound.”

That goes for one of their vegan options - the Coconut Cranberry. All ingredients are added and mixed together with no shortcuts. Then, it’s in and out of the oven in less than ten minutes.

The chewy, warm center makes you want to curl up in a blanket and do nothing the rest of the day.

The same goes for the Triple Chocolate - a favorite of both kids and adults.

As for how they come up with such creative cookies, Kari says it goes back to the desserts they like at home.

“I was thinking, ‘What’s my favorite dessert?’ Banana pudding is my favorite. I thought, why not try to make that into a cookie?”

It’s a creative environment for creative minds - never satisfied with just the way the cookie crumbles - but for something more.

Craig says the team’s goal is “Having an environment that allows people to activate their greatness. “Dreaming is one thing that people need to get back to. Never lose sight of your dreams.”

Speaking of dreams, the couple is giving back with a new Orange Creamsicle cookie. For every dozen sold, five dollars will go to Friends of Karen - an organization dedicated to helping those with childhood cancer (a cause near and dear to the Hodge family).

If you would like to order, click here.

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