Tasty Tuesday: Three must-try ice cream spots we’ve visited in 2022/2023

Mi-Mi’s, The Blue Ice Cream Truck and Creme Fresh have all made a name for themselves

ROANOKE, Va. – Memorial Day weekend is often referred to as the ‘unofficial start to summer.’

It didn’t feel like it this time around. Regardless, we’re working for you on three ice cream spots we’ve tried recently that you should try too.

1. Mi-Mi’s Ice Cream - Daleville

Mindy Roberts, Josh Smith and company brought the family affair to Daleville in December and haven’t looked back since.

Across the street from Lord Botetourt High School, Mi-Mi’s is slinging out cold treats at the perfect time of year.

Exciting flavors get scooped out of enormous tubs. Perhaps more exciting is the stuffed shake - a sundae and a milkshake all in one!

2. The Big Blue Ice Cream Truck - Lynchburg

Jacob Crossett took what was old and made it new again with The Big Blue Ice Cream Truck.

He says kids still get excited and parents are in disbelief that an ice cream truck is still around.

Flavors have expanded tremendously since we first visited last spring. Crossett is visiting more places too.

You can see where this blue behemoth is going by checking out its Facebook page here.

3. Creme Fresh - Wasena

Dairy-free ice cream is the name of the game at Wasena’s Creme Fresh - created by two chefs who enjoy trying unique flavors and quality control.

We did some QC of our own with the strawberry birthday cake!

They’ve been known for mixing things up with unlikely combinations, including blueberry and jalapeño along with peppermint and cashew chip.

If you have a favorite ice cream spot that we should feature in Tasty Tuesday this summer, let us know by commenting on this article.

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