Dr. Charles Murray defends his work, Virginia Tech group protests his speech

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BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10) - An author defends his work following backlash at Virginia Tech.

Members of the group "Still Concerned: A Virginia Tech Faculty Initiative" say Dr. Charles Murray's "The Bell Curve" makes false accusations that women, minorities, and people with disabilities are inferior to white men.

The group held a protest Friday afternoon at the Inn at Virginia Tech. About 75 people held signs and shirts that said "I am not inferior."

"His work is clearly racist and classist and sexist and we feel that it violates our principles of community which calls for us to respect every individual and their dignity," Virginia Tech faculty member Brandy Faulkner said.

Inside, about 150 people attended Dr. Murray's lecture.

He spoke about a variety of topics including how Americans are moving from middle to lower class due to a lack of jobs. Dr. Murray says his work is about class structure in American life.

"I want them to confront the fact that they are going after a fictional character, I have not said those things they said I said," Murray said.