Recovery efforts underway after flood impacts areas in West Virginia

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SUMMERS COUNTY W.V.(WSLS) - Summers County West Virginia was one of the hardest impacted areas from the storm and people who live along the Greenbrier River are now cleaning up the mess Mother Nature left behind.

People who live next to the Greenbrier River said they've never seen the river overflow.

"The road was closed, there was all kind of logs and debris of all kinds through there," Josephine Gaayle who lives in Summers County said.

Gaayle said she lived near the river since 1994 and it's a surprise for her to see Mother Nature's destruction.

"It was beyond belief really, it was terrible, terrible," Gaayle said.

Currently people impacted by the storm are looking for assistance.  The pastor of Lifeline Church where a God's Pit Crew trailer is stationed said it ran out of supplies before noon.

"The level of destruction and the level of damage in the home as the water recedes is very great," Mark Bayle, the pastor of LifeLine Church said.

Temporary shelters had to be organized, one at Talcott Elementary School. Parents, students, and even school staff have been volunteering to help people get supplies like canned goods and water.

"It's good to help the community it's a little bit sad that it had to be under this circumstance but it's good to give back," Kaleb Vaughn, a student volunteer said.

Students volunteering made the Summers County Schools Superintendent pleased.

"People will tell you Summers County is a very poor county, but we are very rich in resources and community awareness," Kimberly Rodes, Superintendent elect for Summers County Schools said.

Rodes said volunteers will continue to serve people at Talcott elementary until Wednesday.

If you can help, supplies can be dropped off at Lifeline Church in Hinton, W.V.